Time management in academic writing

I wrote my first academical paper at one time by getting support from my consultant. But now, I can write my paper almost in a night if the results are ready. The time from my first article to my last article is 25 years.

Academic writing is a really important issue for both master, Ph.D. students and other academicians at any level. Why writing and publishing of academic papers are important? Because, it is an article that keeps science alive. In other words, as Platon says: “ Science is dead without published papers.” 

First of all, writing of academic paper, thesis or symposium proceedings are necessary to get an academical degree and publish of obtained academic results all over the World. The structure or anatomy of an academic paper is almost the same for more than 100 years. The main structure of a paper can be presented as Introduction, Methods (or Materials and Methods) Results And Discussion (IMRAD), and main conclusions. The IMRAD structure is not a strict rule, it may change but it is an accepted structure in the world of science. Of course, an academical paper is a presentation of results in a report form under the preparation rule of journals. Thus, it is not an essay, poem, or novel. Author/Authors must present their findings from academic projects as photographs, tables, graphics and figures. Also, these findings must be interpreted on the correct way and academic language in each discipline must be used.

In this blog and article, we will discuss to use time effectively for writing of a manuscript. How long do you need to complete writing the paper? Can you guess? We will answer of these questions. 


If we go through the writing process of any paper, it is a bit chaotic process. Because, focusing on the writing of a paper is important. Just focus on paper. One thing. I am suggesting the book of Gary Keller as The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary Results. If we put forth our heart and soul into our work, we can focus easily and we can stay in front of the computer for a long time.


Success in writing is an exponential function of reading. In other words, the more you read, the more you get in return for the article.

Writing of academic paper is not fiction. It is not a poem. We must based on literature like a compass. We can not go far from the science and published literature. Reading too much saves time. 


Another thing is organization of the group, namely, the author list (team) and working with a group. Each member of the group must work at the same speed. One can gain time by studying simultaneously both writing a paper and doing experiments or waiting for numerical results from a computer.


There is no deadline for a paper submission if it is not a special issue. However, each symposium or conference has its own deadline for submission processes. In this way, the deadline may bring stress but it gives motivation to control the preparation process of the proceeding and it brings discipline. The team must be consistent and each of the authors must know their responsibilities.

Let’s go back to our question of how we can control our writing speed and to submit the paper quickly. First of all, writing process can be given to a well- written authors who are good in language, academicals background on the studied subject and even the best keyboard user.


Using better language is pretty important to write a quick paper. Each paper has its own language which is not literary language. On the contrary, it needs academic language. For example, imagine an academic who is a professor in any engineering department, and accept that his/her mother tongue is English. It is almost impossible to wait for a writing paper in pharmacy or law.


The number of publications in an issue of a journal is limited every year. Even if your paper is strong scientifically, you do not submit it on time. 

What is the due date for submission? One can decide on it. 

If you are preparing two papers from a work,you make a good algorithm in your mind, put risks and make your B Plan. 

No Panic 

If you get panicky and stressed, I am sure that you need more time to complete the work. Also, creative thinking can slows you down under panic. Be relaxed and focused on writing and believe that you can finish the work on time. 


Continuity is the main thing in the writing of a paper. That’s why, I put the last item. One can deal with his/her paper writing every day. It is necessary to focus for at least 15 minutes. Literature must be visited every day and some parts of papers can be written quickly.

Finally, choose your own deadline and focus on a thing by turning off your cell phone, and do not check e-mail and social media on computer during the writing of paper.