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  1. Applied Energy
  2. Applied Mathematical Modelling
  3. Applied Thermal Engineering
  4. ASCE Journal of Energy Engineering
  5. Building and Environment
  6. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations
  7. Computers and Fluids
  8. Computers and Mathematics with Applications
  9. Energy and Buildings
  10. Energy Conversion and Management
  11. Engineering Sciences
  12. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science
  13. Heat and Mass Transfer, Springer
  14. Heat Transfer Engineering, Taylor & Francis
  15. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
  16. International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering
  17. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
  18. International Journal of the Physical Sciences
  19. International Journal of Thermal Sciences
  20. Journal of Aerospace Engineering
  21. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
  22. Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science
  23. Journal of Porous Media
  24. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer
  25. Measurement
  26. Numerical Heat Transfer
  27. Solar Energy